Summer is coming!

Sometimes I wake up and just lay in bed and think about hiking and walking for a living… Can you imagine doing that for a living? How amazing would it be to wake up in the woods every day without any obligations but to walk?

Today I decided it’s time to start planning my summer camping trips to get back in the woods.  I’m even thinking about taking an extended period of time (2-3 weeks) off to go camping.  I would like to go out of state but I don’t think I can afford to do that.  The last few days around here have been chilly, I am hoping that it was the last cold snap of the year and that camping is in the near future! I want to see everything there is to see.  Recently I had the pleasure of doing some traveling and seeing with one of my sisters.

A couple of weeks ago Holly, Nicole and I went and watched Prairie Chickens on their booming grounds.  It was really cool.  We observed 29 Prairie Chickens, 3 Sandhill Cranes, 5 Mallard ducks, 1 Plover, and 1 Woodcock.  We also heard a pheasant and a turkey.  We sat in a blind at the Hamden Slough and watched.  We did some driving around to see other things in the area as well.  I love riding in a car to see things just as much as hiking.

Next weekend all of my siblings and I are going to drive up the North Shore and see the waterfalls and do some sight seeing.  I am really excited about hanging out with my siblings and adventuring with them.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post after that.


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