It Has Been Over a Year…

My last blog post was about getting a new job… I have now been in that job for 1 year and 4 days.  Every day of it has been an adventure.  I spend 60-100 hours a week at work but lately I have been trying to back off and work less so I can prioritize me and my family.  I’m back at trying to work out again so far so good but I don’t feel the results as fast as I did last time.  I’m not sure that I will blog about this journey or not but I thought I should check in and write something since it has been so long.  Other than my new job taking me away from home not much has changed for me personally.  Today Holly and I went to Lake Maria State Park to hike but only went .65 miles because the trails were really muddy and slick I almost fell a few times.  Since it was so muddy we went back home and hiked on the Beaver Island Trail which is a paved trail.  We went 2 miles on the Beaver Island Trail.  I am looking forward to this week and hoping that things will be less hectic then normal.





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