Manic Monday

1. Get Moving: I burned 849 calories.  I walked 3 miles today.

2. Cutting Calories (goal 1,700): I consumed 1,641 calories

3. Increase Water intake: I drank 12 oz of water

Today was a long day at work.  I was scheduled to get off at 3:30 and I didn’t leave work until about 6pm.  Today is the first day of the month so many things have to get done and we went live on electronic documenting today so there was even more work to be done.  I also had a client who had a rough day.  Last night I applied for a new job working for the company I work for now but it is a position with more responsibility and less time with clients.  I really love working with clients so it’s kind of a bitter sweet idea.  I’m not sure that I will get the job as it is mostly working with children and I don’t have much experience with kids.  Either way I still love my job it would just be nice to have a job that requires a degree. We will see what happens.


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