Weekend in Minneapolis

We had a great weekend in Minneapolis at Coronation for the Imperial Court of Minnesota Max Mitchell (Holly) is a drag king and Duke in the Imperial Court.  We went down on Friday and went to the out of town show at the Saloon.  I had a few to many drinks because I don’t drink often but when I do I go to extremes.  On Saturday we got up early and had breakfast then went down and steamed all the flags for the court.  Trevor came by after that to save the day with zip ties.  We hung out in the room for a while but once Max had to get ready we left of walked around in the skyways we went to eat at Ikes which was good but very expensive.  After we went to Target through the skyways to do a little shopping.  I checked out the gym in the hotel it was really nice and had a great view.  Today on my loves 30th Birthday we left Minneapolis to go home to Holly’s parents house for her birthday.  We had homemade ice cream with her grandpa and extended family to celebrate her birthday and her grandpa’s which is tomorrow.  After we had dinner with her family her mom made the best meal and it was nice to see everyone.  Today is the only day that I didn’t get my step goal in and I’m pretty please with that.  🙂



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