Winter Fun!!!

I had such a great weekend.  Katey and I got together and went snowshoeing at Kathio State Park it was amazing.  The first trail we went on was really packed in so the snowshoes weren’t necessary.  The second trail we went on was recently blazed so the snow wasn’t packed yet which made the snowshoes more useful but since it was a new trail it still had dead fall and many small trees.  It was good to catch up with Katey and get out in the snow.  After snowshoeing I went to hand out with my mom which was nice my dad came home shortly after and we ate dinner and chatted before I went to my sister’s house.  Today I went bowling with my sister, brother, niece, and nephews.  I’m not a great bowler but it was so much fun to spend time with family.  My sister also colored my hair with orange highlights, I LOVE IT!!! It’s not a bright orange and pictures of it don’t do it justice so I can’t show you.  Over all it was a fun filled adventure this weekend.  I also managed to stay within my calorie goal both days! I’m feeling pretty good right now.



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