No weigh in

Today I decided to take the day off from intense working out.  I walked 2 miles today in small sections so really no great mileage for the day.  I slept in instead of going to weigh in and then worked until 8PM.  I am staring a cool project right now to make a temperature blanket the idea is that every day you crochet a new row based on the temperature.  I used a temperature guide I found online and went this afternoon to pick up the yarn.  At this point I’m still trying to figure out the best way to go about it because 365 rows is a lot.  At this point my plan is to do a very large bed blanket if at some point it gets to be to big I’ll break it down into two blankets for the year we will see.  I’m excited about it and looking forward to a daily quick project to do before bed.  Tomorrow it’s back to the gym! 🙂 woot woot! I still ate well today and I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings I’m training in someone new and I work a very long shift should be fun!! 🙂



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