Weigh in Wednesday

  1. Get Moving: I burned 1,535 calories.  I walked 3.83 miles on the treadmill today.
  2.  Cutting Calories (goal 1,700): I consumed 1,698 calories.
  3. Increase Water intake: I drank 37 oz of water

I am happy to report that my weigh in went well! I have lost 11 pounds in the last three weeks! Its funny because my clothes have been feeling mildly looser lately but I didn’t believe it until this morning after the weigh in.  I think I’m going to only weigh in every 2-3 weeks so that the small gains aren’t as noticed.  Gains come from muscle growth, bloating, etc, but when I see that I haven’t lost as much as I expected or that I’ve gained even a half a pound its very disheartening.  I think it will be better for my mental health to do it less frequently.  Today I only worked at PM shift so it was nice to get up as early as I always do to go to the gym and then find several hours to be a home still! I got a good start on my homemade Christmas present for Holly’s family Christmas.  Since I just found out yesterday I could attend I didn’t do as much as I wanted to but I think it will still be a great gift! Tomorrow I work a long shift but it should be pretty quite so I can’t complain about that.  My extended family does Christmas on Christmas Eve so I will be missing that for the first time that I can remember which sucks but I will be seeing Holly’s family Christmas morning, then going back to work, and my family’s Christmas is going to be on Saturday so I will have time with them! I’m looking forward to it. Next week I work a lot but it keeps me moving a busy so I can’t sit around and eat all day!


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