Another Great Weekend

I spent another great weekend with family. I went up later than normal on Friday because I was at work later than normal which was kind of nice. Not the leaving later but being able to work and not have to cut as much overtime this week! On Saturday I got in quite a few miles while watching the kids so my sister and her husband could go Christmas shopping. We walked to two play grounds so about 2.5 miles round trip then Saturday night we went to see the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train! It was beautiful, we stayed away from the crowds by going to the opposite side of the train where you could hear but not see the band. We did some dancing and singing along which was fun with the kids! It was a really long night waiting for the train to get there but I got in some more walking so I can’t complain! Today I took my sisters boys for a walk to the play ground it was cold so we only went 1.83 miles. After I went to see my mom and dad and got a bonus by seeing my other sister her husband and three kids, my brother, and my mom was skyping with my other sister. So I got to see my entire family today although not all at once! Then I came home to my amazing wife who made cream cheese wontons, stir fry, and rice from scratch! It was an amazing meal! We spent a couple of hours together catching up and she is now back to work! 😦 I have a very busy week and probably month ahead of me I’m looking forward to the money I’ll be making but I’m sad I won’t get to see much of my family over the holidays as I work a lot!

Pictures from my weekend!



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