New Shoes

  1. Get Moving: I burned 2,289 calories.  I biked 2.40 miles, I walked 4.85 miles 2.25 of which were on the treadmill, I also shoveled snow for about 40 minutes!
  2. Cutting Calories (goal 1,700): I consumed 1,905 calories.
  3. Increase Water intake: I drank 48 oz of water!

Disclaimer: when I go on and on about shoes I am talking about tennis shoes not all shoes.

I hate buying new shoes, I hate trying on new shoes, I hate figuring out how tight the laces need to be in the beginning.  All of that being said I got a great new pair of shoes today, best part none of the things I hate need to be done.  I purchased the same shoes I had before only in a different color (only different colors because they didn’t have grey like my old ones).  I have a history of buying shoes and then continuing to wear my old shoes because I hate new shoes so much. Due to this history today when I got my new shoes I walked out of the store sat down on a bench and put the new ones on and put the old in the trash! My old shoes have carried me over 700 miles.  Fun note: shoes shouldn’t be worn for more than 500 miles, no matter how good they look.  I always but cheap shoes, despite my wife wanting me to have the best shoes! For my birthday she wanted to get me nice shoes I told her to get my a gift card for Payless and I would just get cheap shoes, she didn’t like this but she did it anyway so for the birthday I got a gift card to Payless so I paid only $5.00 out of pocket today.  There will be people who would recommend that I get better shoes but when I’m going almost 100 miles a month I can’t afford to get $100+ shoes every 5 months.  So far my cheap shoes haven’t failed me yet! 🙂 It was nice to go outside in the snow and my feet didn’t get wet! My old shoes had holes all the way through the soles and in the toes!

I worked the overnight last night because the other staff couldn’t get in do to snow and well I live way to close to work, but I got paid to sleep so I can’t complain! The bed was really uncomfortable but according to my Fitbit I got a more restful night of sleep than normal!  I think it’s because of my cat she really likes to wake me up at 2am! The down side is that I’m at about 26 hours of work for the week and it’s only Tuesday, so I need to cut some overtime for the week.  While cutting time off of work sounds great it’s not easy when there is so much to be done!

Today I got in a lot of miles because I didn’t work my entire shift today in an effort to begin cutting overtime! Also small win for the day, today was one of the first days in a VERY long time that I burned more calories than I consumed! 🙂 My water consumption still isn’t great I think I need a better system.

Thank you for hanging around to read this long post, that I have made even longer by adding this thank you!! Sorry for going on and on about shoes, they are a point of frustration for me! Wow this thing just keeps getting longer I will stop now, all this working out is clearly impacting my energy levels in a good way.


Hey a picture of my out going and new shoes together!



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