Weekend Mischief

Today marks the end of another great weekend! I work Saturday, which is something I don’t have to do often so it was a nice change of pace at work.  I got some much work done because no one was blowing up my work phone calling and asking me to do other things! I walked away feeling really great about all that I accomplished! 🙂 After work I headed to see Trevor and Fargo! I haven’t seen Fargo in far to long, we went to a park for the lighting of Christmas lights and a skating rink.  The trees were pretty and it was nice to get outside in a urban area and do some walking.  We we walked to get off and just talked and caught up on life.  On Sunday Trevor and I cleaned my car which was long long over due.  We spent the day hanging out! He gave me a my birthday present which is AMAZING!! (Pictures below) He made it himself, it’s made out of the love seat that he had when he was younger and was in our first 3 apartments together! My goal for the week is to get my house cleaned and reorganized to make it more livable. I have a treadmill that I need to figure out as well, it doesn’t work and really just takes up space I need to find someone to fix it because it would be really nice to walk in my apartment where I can watch TV.  It will probably take me days to get my house clean so I hope that I can make it happen! Version 2


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