Busy, Sick, and Loving Life

It’s been a while since I last posted! I was gone last weekend for my dad’s birthday, I did some hiking with my sister and her family which was nice but a little cold.  My brother-in-law taught us how to Airborne Shuffle, which is a good workout but not overly exhausting, plus when you have your sister and 3 of your nieces and nephews with you and your brother-in-law calling cadence its super fun! I have been sick for the last few days today was the first day I felt 100%! I walked a total of a half a mile in two days but I also didn’t eat anything so I guess it’s a wash for weight loss.  I’m back at it again today though! I walked 2 miles on the treadmill, 1.75 miles hiking, and 4 miles biking.  On my hike I think I might have seen a bear, it was getting dark and I was on an unfamiliar trail so I’m not positive.  I hear a stick break and then a little while later I heard a few more break and when I whipped around I saw something black running the other way.  Like I said I can’t be positive as to what I saw or if it was a trick of the eyes because the sun was going down.  Things haven’t been terribly eventful my work schedule has been a little weird because we are really short staffed, can’t really do anything but wait for people to get hired, otherwise work and work some more!













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