Long Weekend and Fitbit

My weekend started on Friday and doesn’t end until tomorrow afternoon.  I went to work on Friday morning for about an hour then I spent my day with my wife and best friend, Trevor.  Friday was the annual Fall Drag Show at SCSU my wife along with all the performers did a great job.  It was a good show and we had a good time.  After the show Trevor and I headed to his grandmas house about 1.5 hours away.  We got there at 1:30AM we talked with his grandma and then headed to bed.  On Saturday we went to the casino in North Dakota.  We had dinner and gambled a little I was down to my last 5 dollars (that I took to spend) and then walked out even for the day which is really a win.  After the casino we went back to Grandma’s and had a few drinks and then began cleaning, we vacuumed under everything and there cleaned the carpet.  To be very clear Grandma is more than capable of doing these things herself but its nice to do things for people you care about.  The cleaning and continued until this afternoon when we left.  We also played a lot of cards and other games.  Over all it was a productive and nice time off.  Because of deer hunting and being up north in the woods walking wasn’t an option.  I will start walking again tomorrow now that I’m back home where I can’t be mistaken for a deer and get shot.  I got home in time to see my wife before she left for work for the day.  So now the Fitbit, I have a Fitbit Flex that I love but I really wish that it had the time I often look at it trying to find the time and the flex doesn’t have that.  My debate is whether or not its worth the money to have the time on my wrist.  Holly would get my flex so it wouldn’t got to waste.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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