Long Day

  1. Get Moving: I burned 1,178 calories.  I walked 1.88 miles and hiked 1.70 miles, not great distances but I got a lot of movement in at work today.
  2. Cutting Calories (goal 1,700): I consumed way way to many calories!
  3. Increase Water intake: I drank 112 oz!

Today was a very long day, I got to work at 7 am I worked until 4PM and then went back this evening to take care of a few things I got home around 11PM.  Tomorrow I was suppose to have a day off but I will have to go in in the morning.  The nice thing is I can walk to work, because I won’t need my car.  I’m trying to get more activity in through out the day instead of in bursts, so far thats working out.  Otherwise not much to report.  Going to bed I’m exhausted.

A few pictures from my hike today:



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