Another great weekend!

Friday and Saturday I was able to get great workouts in and stay under my calorie goal! I spent the weekend with my sister, her husband, and their three kids, always a great time! On Friday I managed to get up in time to walk a half a mile on the treadmill before work.  I also walked 1.57 miles by the time the day was done!! Saturday was a great day, I went to my nieces basketball practice and they had ifit treadmills there.  If you haven’t experience one you should see if you can find one at a local gym.  I walked 3 miles along the cape coast of Africa via pictures of the road I was “walking on” it was a great distraction and felt more like walking outside then on a never ending belt.  I set my two nephews up on a pair of them too and they watched there favorite songs on Youtube on the screen! We spend the playing Bananagrams and then took the kids trick or treating with my other sister’s three kids, I had a blast though a little scary at times.  Not from the Halloween stuff but keeping track of 10 kids at one point, we had 5 adults so it shouldn’t be that hard.  We never lost a kid or anything but the whole time I was worried we would, when they are wearing costumes they all blend together.  Sunday was more of a lazy day, I didn’t exercise at all and I over ate by probably 1,000 calories but how could I say no to three innocent faces offering me candy.  I know how but I didn’t and so be it! Daylight savings time is killing my internal clock but I’m hoping that it will work in my favor tomorrow morning and I’ll make it to the gym for longer this time! Here’s to a great week of workouts and hopefully a little time with my wife.  By the time I got home tonight we only had about 45 minutes together and I won’t see her again until Tuesday for a little bit because she has meetings and practice this week for the drag show! Have I ever mentioned how much her 7 days on suck? 🙂


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