1. Get Moving: I burned 1,464 calories.  I walked 0.62 miles outside and 1.60 miles on the treadmill.
  2. Cutting Calories (goal 1,700): I consumed 1,501 calories.
  3. Increase Water intake: I drank 30 oz. not good but getting better…

Today I intended to get up early and walk to work, when I got up it was raining a nice cold October rain so I took the car work was really stressful.  I can’t seem to get through some paper work and its been getting me down.  I spent a long day at work and then I came home saw my beautiful wife for the last time in probably 2 weeks.  We have a really busy couple of weeks coming with conflicting schedules we will see each other in passing but not for long periods of time.  With any luck we will get a chance for a short walk next week.  I walked with a client today not very far but something to get things moving.  After seeing my wife I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill.  It’s funny how quickly the urge to run came to me but I didn’t listen because that feels to soon way to soon and I don’t want to over due it.  Things are starting to look good for workout Kayla so far.


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