Feeling Inspired Again, Let the Next Adventure Begin.

When I decided to take on the A.T. many people asked me what I would do after and I have to tell you I didn’t expect to get home and not want to do anything but go to work and be with my family.  I’ve gained weight because I stopped caring and I’m back to smoking at least ½ a pack a day.  Last night I was talking to Holly about this and how I can’t seem to find the motivation she said that I’m goal driven so I needed a new goal, she will probably regret saying that to me.  When people asked me I would say “oh maybe my triple crown or biking somewhere.” Well the triple crown of hiking is out, I have no desire to backpack at this point.  Maybe one day the backpacking bug will bite again someday, I haven’t ruled it out forever just for now.  The biking does peak my interest, I recently was given a bike by my dad that he purchased at my late aunts estate sale, it is a well taken care of cruising bike.  I finally worked up the courage today to ride it on the streets near my home and I’m in love! I joked around about biking the Mississippi River Trail and now I think I want to! I don’t want to do it in one shot but in sections starting this summer, it’s a great way to keep in shape and it will give me a goal to complete.  My goal this summer is to bike from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to St. Cloud.  This will be the first section, I don’t intend on doing it in one shot either but I do want to do it from north to south.  I don’t expect that people will jump on board with this adventure as quickly as they did my last but I am hopeful that I can continue to use my blog to keep myself accountable.  The goal is much smaller but the work will be much greater, I have never biked a long distance.  The max is probably 10 miles in one ride.  I also don’t know that it is wise to use cruising bike but I’m going to try.  My goal is to do this with minimal new gear.  I think most of my back packing stuff can be adapted and I would only need a few other things.  Maybe I’m being naive about what I will need but I haven’t done a ton of research yet.  There will people who will say that this is just another things for me to give up and maybe it is but the goal is to be healthy through a bigger goal!


One thought on “Feeling Inspired Again, Let the Next Adventure Begin.

  1. I love the idea. I will have to look up the Mississippi trail for myself. OH!! Do I need to come out there and smack you with my walking stick every time you light-up?????

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