Coming home


We’re bad at the AT…

So it’s rained almost everyday since we got here but during both thunderstorms we both go running. Example at the Cheese Factory we knew it was coming so we shared a tent. Tonight my tent is set up outside but because of my ankle I haven’t been sleeping so I’m sitting in the car avoiding the rain outside I see lightening and grab my stuff and resolve to sleep in the car. At the second lightning flash Fargo comes out of her tent and joins me in the car… Hike to Maine they said, no pain, no rain, no Maine they said… They never said thunder and lightening! πŸ™‚ I’m only kidding here! It’s been great with the car!
Fargo went back to her tent until 6:20am then we packed up camp and headed out. We drove up to Robinsville and Fargo made an appointment to get what appears to be poison ivy on her mouth looked at. We are currently drying out our stuff at the top of the dam. Then we will go back to Robinsville for Fargos appointment and hopefully her box will come and we will head to Gainesville to drop off the car. Then tomorrow it’s off to Damascus to hike out.
I have officially decided that backpacking over mountains isn’t for me, I make no apologizes for this what so ever. I came, I saw, I backpacked, I hiked (which I really enjoy) I did some trail magic, I drove The Dragon 3 times (mostly on accident) I hiked in the rain, I hike in the sun shine, I hiked with Fargo, I hiked with others, and I hiked alone. I have no regrets! Hiking has been a blast, I plan to continue to hike but no more long distance backpacking. I’m coming home, my bus ticket is purchased and I’m comfortable with my decision. I have applied for my job back and should get my exact job back once my background check clears. I wouldn’t change anything about my hike, I met some kick ass people and hiked over mountains carrying 35-42 pounds on my back. I’ve lost two toenails (1 more probably soon) my feet have swelled 2 whole sizes. I made the decision to go home when I felt incredibly mentally clear, it wasn’t a bad day, we hiked in sunshine and had an amazing view. I found a saying that I hear a lot it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey. My journey began on November 12th 2013, and will continue for a life time. I plan to continue to blog about hiking to healthy but without the AT. My next adventure to the AT will be to section or day hike further north a little bit, but not for a while, because after deciding to go home I carelessly picked up my back and messed up my back, everything below my knee is tingly so that needs to be taken care of as soon as I have insurance again. I have met the kindest people on the trail and I’ve also encountered my fair share of A-holes. I have been an emotional wreck at times, for those on the receiving end of that emotion thank you for listening and helping me process everything, I don’t think I could have done this much without your constant support. Even being here for a month has changed me, I realize how important the people in my life are and that work can no longer be my number one priority. I love my job but I need to be less involved when I’m not at work. Like I said earlier I have no regrets, when I went home in the beginning I wouldn’t have felt like that had I not come back, I’m not conventional in the way I did this and that’s ok with me! πŸ™‚
I’m excited about my future and all that it will bring. I’m excited about being healthy with my wife and getting outside this summer with her! 



4 thoughts on “Coming home

  1. Sometimes, the journey isn’t what we expected– but it’s just as worthwhile! I’m proud of you and all you’ve done– and for having the good sense to make the decision that you felt was right. πŸ™‚

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