Missing toenails

Roan Mountain State Park


We set up our tents in the rain moments after we had finished drying them out in a bathroom. It was frustrating but seems to be what always happens to us. The rain persisted most of the day but we met some great section hikers the roundabouts! It didn’t rain overnight which is like a Christmas Miracle these days! We got up made breakfast had some coffee, two of my toenails finally fell off which is a relief and I hope with the new shoes the blisters don’t come back. After we broke camp and hiked out of Carver gap to just over Jane Bald. It was nothing but a cloud walk, windy and wet. Overall it was a great hike but no views to report! After hiking the balds we made our way to Fontana to stay for a couple of days. Fargo is waiting on a box from home and we plan to do some hiking in the Smokies tomorrow. We are looking to try to find a place to park the car for a couple of days so we can camp for free on the AT more.
Last night the Fast and the Furious took over Fontana, people racing on the opposite side of the river and filling parking lots with there cars with hoods open checking out what everyone had. This was annoying because we were trying to sleep while they were racing, and it was really loud. This mornings agenda is to make our final arrangements to get onto the AT on Tuesday and figure out where we are going to camp, tonight. I had a really weird and vivid dream last night that makes me thankful for all I have and want to go home. I won’t be going home! So we decided to stay at Fontana again tonight after checking out other places in the area, we will be moving campsites tomorrow. We went into Robinsville today to use an ATM and round out my food for getting back on trail. While there I picked up some cheap snickers bunnies, root beer, ice cream, and spoons, we had cups and we would be crossing the AT so we decided to do a little trail magic. We met several hikers and gave them root beer floats (who wouldn’t want that?) and the bunnies. It was good to talk to other hikers and give something back. Trail magic has been wonderful to me, I have been pulled out of two tight spots by people passing by and even gotten some much needed help from my fellow hikers. I will be forever thankful for all of them.
Adrenaline rush
Today I drove the dragons tail, it is a crazy road that is 11 miles long and has 318 curves in it… Back story, Fargo and I are at the general store in Fontana using the wifi when a hiker asks for a ride to the trail, about 2 miles away, we said of course. On the way we were talking about all the cars in the area and how they are loud and they clean there cars all the time. The hiker informs us that there is a road called the dragons tail and that we should go drive it. The way he explains it it sounds like a short climb up a mountain, 11 miles and 318 scary and really cool curves later I do some research and find out people come from all over the world to drive this beast because it doesn’t have any cross traffic the whole way because it runs along the Smoky Mountain National Park. Once down it with Fargo throughly scared we find out that the only way back is to either drive around the Smokies or back the way we came. We opted to go back the way we came this time knowing how far it was and how fun. Fargo took the second time much better, she was worried about gas the first time I guess. We’re driving a Ford Focus going through these curves with cars that have foreign license plates and little Mini Coopers and such! It was a blast, though I don’t know that I would do it again.

 No pictures today they will come when I have better service  




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