It took us hours to get here and even longer to find a camp site. First we found a camp ground that didn’t appear to have any people running it and only one RV staying there so that was out. Then we found an RV park next to the highway and that was a bust again, now it’s dark. We find a beautiful camp ground by a dam and river that was perfect except we couldn’t camp in tents there because of bears. We ended up calling another camp ground then man was shocked we were tent camping and hadn’t yet found a campground he said they were closed still but due to our situation they would let us stay. We ended up at a beautiful camping site next to a small stream of water coming off a pound. It’s called Blackberry Blossom, they have a country store and they provide all kinds of stuff for showering. It was a little creepy being here without any other campers but waking up this morning not having slept in the car was a win. 
Yesterday we saw the Highland ponies at Greyson Highland State Park. The ponies are wild but friendly, you can walk right by and they don’t spook. Other people were feeding them apples and carrots despite the park saying not too. One of them came right up to us and once she realized we didn’t have anything for her she went on her way. We saw one new foal but her and her mom were constantly surrounded by people so we let them be. My sister put it well, you wouldn’t go out into the wilderness and feed bears you probably shouldn’t feed the ponies. We watched on little girl get the top of her head bit twice and of course her mom blamed the horse. There were plenty of signs saying don’t feed them and that they bite and kick, some people are just stupid. Did I secretly wish I had a carrot in my pocket for the horse that approached us, you bet, but only because she came up to us. 
Today we plan to explore Elizabethton and hike a little on the AT. We found the section it crosses last night so we will be able to get on and off really easily. Right now we are slowly making it back to Georgia to return the car on the 21st and head for Damascus.



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