Buena Vista

Buena Vista 

We are currently camped in Buena Vista, VA we have elected to stay here for a couple days to cut down on fuel costs. The park we are staying at is really nice and super hiker friendly. You can camp for 5 dollars per person per day. The lady at the desk charged us 5 dollars total for two people for two days. That’s $2.50 well spent. We went for a very short hike to Indian Rocks where Fargo fell and slid down some rocks she has a cut on her finger and some road rash on her butt. When we got back to camp to go to sleep there was a rescue squad forming by the river. We kept our distance and stayed by our tents as the night progressed more and more volunteer rescue folks showed up. Then the helicopter came and started circling with a giant spot light over head looking in the river. They left around 1am. I thought they found the person but as of this morning the search is back on. A man was trying to get to an island last night by rock hoping and fell in I guess. So this morning it’s a hoping place again with police and rescue squads. 😦 



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