Plan whiplash

Plan whiplash

So we have had a thousand plans so far and everything keeps changing. For those that are at home I realization I just had was that for you when you leave for work I have one plan and when come home it has changed and it seems really fast. For us the days are long so we have nothing but time to think and plan, hence all the changing. 
The newest plan.
We have bus tickets to Bristol TN, we have a shuttle from Bristol to Damascus arranged and we will be keeping the car until then and continuing to do small day hikes in the mean time.
Today we spent the day getting to Damascus to make arrangements and such and then ended up lost on a mountain road for a few hours it was scary. We encountered a lot of fog on the mountains and we were on tiny roads. We saw a black snake, a bear (maybe), a raccoon, an opossum and a man without a shirt carrying a chainsaw in at 9:30pm. With the exception of birds this is the only wildlife I have seen so far. Over all today was another great day.
Things I have learned:
1) I need to be a better listener. I’m good at listening to some people and really bad at others, this is not something that I have done while on the trail but more something that I’ve been thinking about today.
2) I want to be a better person.
I know that sounds silly, I mean who doesn’t want to be a better person, right? But I feel like there’s so much more to it, I want to be a more active participant in my life. Less taking things as they come and more making stuff happen. I saved the money for this trip and lost 100 pounds I can do more than hike the AT after this.
3) I want to be more optimistic about things and people. I don’t want to judge right away I want to look for the silver lining in things.
4) I want to be a better wife, the above will do that but I also want to be better about the little things, I want to clean more, I want to be sweeter, I want to be more open, I want to spend more time together away from the TV and phones. I want to prioritize Holly and my family over work!
We spent the night in the car in the Walmart parking lot the sleep wasn’t great but it was sleep. Now we are headed further north following the AT.



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