Fontana Dam and Clingman’s Dome

Fontana Dam and Clingman’s Dome

I woke up the the sounds of birds and the Tennessee rive this morning it was amazing!! The fog is rolling in over the river it was super warm in my tent almost to warm I didn’t sleep great but that’s typical for me. I forgot my extra clothes bag in the car so I didn’t have a pillow. For those that have laughed at me for carrying by small teddy bear (Fiona) I say ha ha she makes a good pillow! I thought that hiking was confining and the car would help, it has but it’s confining in a different way. I plan on getting back on trail in Virginia a plan that I toyed with before I left for home the first time. In our day hikes I’ve been spending more time stopping to just look at a view and journaling this is great when you know you can drive to where you plan to camp or that you’re only going a few miles. When you have your pack and tent you have to go until your on a flat stop sometimes that’s 5 miles sometimes that’s much longer. I’m feeling excited about hiking again which I haven’t felt for a while now so I think that’s a great sign. It’s 8:13am Katey just got up and we are heading up to the dam to do a little trail magic. I over stocked my mail drops and now have way to much I would rather give it away to other hikers then throw it away when we get back to hiking. 
Things I’ve learned so far:
1) Tortillas are my friend, when I don’t feel like cooking or eating for that matter a tortilla is just the thing, it’s bland and easy to eat with a bunch of calories.
2) HYOH (hike your own hike) is a thing, and right now that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve met several thru hikers since Fargo and I picked up the car and they are also planning on skipping major sections of the trail. 
3) I smell really bad, before hitting the trail I had days where I thought I smelt bad those days are nothing compared to what I smell like today!
Lastnight at the Fontana lodge where we registered to camp and again this morning I ran into a woman who recognized me from my blog, her blog is catsdontcamp and of I knew how to link to it I would. She’s amazing and she is currently thru hiking! I also ran into two people I met very early on in my hike today they gave me energy tablets on my third day on trail that have proved worth it! I’m excited to be seeing familiar faces! Fontana Dam was just as beautiful in the day as it was last night I’m glad we hiked it both ways 🙂
We hiked Clingman’s Dome today as well. It was crowded but pretty. We picked up a hiker who was in the parking lot and had hurt his ankle. We drove him to Gatlinburg so he could zero and take care of himself. We then drove to Erwin TN for the night. We have decided to get get back trail tomorrow (Thursday) that sent me directly into a tales pin of worry and crying. The idea of getting back on trail has been calling to me for a couple of days but when faced with the reality I go back to being terrified. I spoke with my sister and Trevor and decided to shower and relax before making decision.
We decided to return the car on tomorrow (Thursday) and get back on trail in Damascus, VA, turns out that because of spring break bus tickets lose to Damascus are crazy expensive. When we get up we are going to call around and see what we can find that might be cheaper. This is a logistical nightmare!

One thought on “Fontana Dam and Clingman’s Dome

  1. I felt like such a dork because I was so excited to see you! I’m sorry your hike isn’t going like you’d planned but hopefully it all works out. I’m jealous of your Clingmans Dome view. All I got was fog! This trail is all about right time right place and if you need to be at another place at this time then I say go for it. 🙂

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