New Plan

New plan

Fargo (Katey) and I have rented a car for the next few weeks and are currently driving around the AT hiking and also taking care of sore joints. Once we have hiked for about a week or two we will return the car and I will be hiking out starting back up in Virginia. Today we hiked Wesser Bald it was to foggy for any views and it rained a lot but it was nice to do some hiking without my pack. Hiking in a the rain without a pack is amazing!! I’m so happy we did it. I spent some time by a small but beautiful stream the sound was amazing. We then headed up to Fontana dam. We got a spot at the camp ground and we checked out the dam. Our camping spot is right below the dam listening to the water is great. I’m having such a great time. I’m looking forward to getting back to hiking without a car but for now this is great! I want the true hiker experience but the miles in georgia and North Carolina are killer. We had some great views today from the car and I ate a mountain house chicken fajita filling meal with tortillas that I made on my stove and it was amazing. While I was eating it started to rain so we hoped in the car and headed to the top of the dam to explore a little. It’s really high up! Tomorrow we will cross over the dam on foot and then come back to our car and head for Clingmans Dome! 

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