Long night

Long night.

Katey and I went to bed fairly early knowing it was going to be a stormy night. Around 10pm we both got up to pee and Katey invited me into her tent because we were both scared and cold and we knew it was going to be a rainy night. We put both of our packs into my tent and crawled into her tent. It was much warmer with both of us in one tent which was really nice! Around 10:30 the storm started. I’ve never been so scared of a storm in my life! The Lightning seemed to hang in the air forever lighting up the entire tent and the thunder cracks that followed made me jump even though I knew they where coming. Once the Lightning and thunder past the wind picked up. The wind was the scariest part the tent was straining against it and at one point a small branch fell and hit the tent on the corner by my head, it was enough to scare me into wanting to run out of the woods. I slept for maybe 10 minutes all night and spent the other time in pain because my ankle hurt and my pain meds were in my bear bag in a tree or scared for my life. In the morning we broke camp early by the time I got my wet tent taken down and into its bag I couldn’t feel my fingers. I was impressed with my tents ability to keep our packs dry and that the foot print did its job. Katey and I decided to hike up to tray gap because a few forest service roads met there so we could try to get into town to dry out our tents and sleeping bags. We called around when we got to the gap but had little luck finding a ride that way when I very nice man pulled up. He was dropping another hiker off to hike over tray mountain and offered us a ride down to the Top of Georgia Hostel. We got in around 10am we showered and changed clothes and hung out tents out to dry before heading into town on a shuttle to get some resupplies and plan the next part of our journey! My ankle is still hurting me but the vitamin I dulls the pain so I’m not too worried. It sure does feel good to be dry and safe. I’ve never wanted to be inside so bad before! 

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