Back on the bus

Back on the bus

Katey and I left together for Georgia this morning. It didn’t hit me until Chicago that we are actually both headed back and of course the mix of emotions that comes with it. I’m excited to be going back because I feel like o belong on the trail but I’m terrified that I will end up coming home again. I decided not to take my car because after talking with my family I realized that taking my car was a big risk of something happened to it I would be on the east coast with no way home and to fix it would cost a lot of money. Katey and I are planning on taking our sweet time and just setting ourselves up with small none mile goals. We will see what happens when we get there, I just have to figure out what my new normal looks like. I need to remember to give myself time to both physically and emotionally adjust. We will see how far I make it and whatever will be will be. We will arrive in Georgia on Thursday and hike out on Friday. 
Wish us luck,

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