Urgent Care

I arrived home today and went directly to urgent care. I have been having some very weird and uncomfortable symptoms the most concerning of which was the inability to breathe well. I went through a lot of testing including chest X-Ray, UA, blood work, and a flu test. After a relatively short wait I found out I have a high white blood count and that I am sick. Not really a shock and also not helpful, they said its viral based on the count and that I should feel better in a week or less. They prescribed an inhaler that has already helped with the breathing A LOT! Once I’m breathing again without the inhaler I will be headed back to the AT to hike on using my car for assistance and to allow me the freedom to see sites that are beyond the AT! I want to thru hike still but I want the freedom of being able to leave the trail as I want to go see interesting things.  I don’t know what that will look like but I’ll figure it out when I get back. A huge shoutout goes to Trevor for picking me up from the bus and taking me to urgent care and then home to my wife! I don’t know what I would do without all of the support I have had! It feels good to be home but I also can’t wait to get back to hiking. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get a walk in and see how it goes. Now that I have the inhaler I’m not as scared to walk around!  I wish things had gone differently but everything happens for a reason. Maybe I avoided a bear? Also I found out that a fellow blogger that has been following me since the beginning let me know that he is planning on doing a stretch of the AT and I’m really looking forward to hiking with him. I’m sorry for causing anyone worry I tried very hard to down play things but once I was on my way home I allowed myself to become concerned. With my break I’m also hoping to get a new pair of shoes my REI dividend came in the mail so I have a gift card to use to get a new pair. My toes were manageable with blisters until I cut my toe nails and that revealed that most of my toes have blisters under the toenail, one of which is infected. I also developed some blisters on the bottom of my left foot on my last day out so I’ll be looking for some new shoes, I know blisters are part of hiking but I feel like a better show might allow for less blisters. Sorry for the long ramble!  I’ll update again when I have a plan to go back to the trail! 

2 thoughts on “Urgent Care

  1. Glad the breathing is better. I have asthma, and after any lung event, including a bad chest cold, it can take me a couple of months to get back to totally normal breathing. Shoes are tough – it’s a crap shoot. Mine were fine, but I twisted my ankle in the Smokies and that ended my hike. It was a LONG walk out of there with a bad ankle. Have fun when you go back!

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