Slack Pack

Slack Pack

This morning I got up with the intentions of taking a zero but the woman who helped with my shake down yesterday suggested that I slack pack she said she believed in me so off I went to slack pack Jarrard Gap to Woody Gap. I made it about 2 miles before I decided to turn around and hike back to Jarrard and wait for the shuttle. I spent a lot of time laying around in the leave in the gap (valley) in the sun listening to the Owls and sitting by a creek. Over all I enjoyed my time in the gap waiting and sleeping in the sun. After getting picked up I got a couple of texts from my mom she wanted me to know she was thinking of me and that I must be under a lot of pressure. I have so many people rooting for me to succeed and that makes it so much more difficult. I need to stop focusing on the folks out there who are supporting me and start focusing on what I need to do to enjoy my time on the AT. Tomorrow I plan to take a zero no matter what and just relax a little, figure out what this hike means for me and what it is going to look like going forward. I’ve trouble shooter some of my problems with my sister and my wife and I think we have a good game plan (personal stuff). I’ve booked my bed (or in this case a futon in the living room)  at the hiker hostel until Friday. I will take the next few days to assess my situation and go from there, if that means hiking on great if that means finding a new adventure in ok with that too. Right now I’m going to pour over the guide book and make a plan for a very short 5 miles on Friday and see what happens. My new goal is to hike the state of Georgia per a suggestion from my brilliant support system and the owner of this hostel. If I make it through Georgia I will reassess and see where I want to go next. I’m sorry my blogs have been so depressing lately but I feel how I feel and I don’t think anyone really tells you just how hard it is!

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