Shake down

Shake down

Tonight at the Hiker Hostel some really nice folks who have thru hiked before did a shake down if my back. This means we went through each item and I had to explain why I had it. It went pretty well I think, ok I know it did. My pack is now 10 pounds lighter!!! Yep 10 pounds of useless shit in it I guess mostly in food, not eating has left me carrying a lot of extra weight in useless food and turns out 4,000 calories in the beginning is impossible to consume! I’m pleased with my new pack weight and I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow I’m going to see if I can ride along on the shuttles to different places and just rest my feet I may even take a bath! I’m still finding random leaves after a half hour shower today. I spent most of my day crying and sleeping so tomorrow I’m hoping to be more awake to do things then I think I will be comfortable hiking out. I know I need to trust my body and listen to it except when it comes to eating so that’s what I’ve done today and my feet say one more day please and since they were so polite I’ll give them just one more day 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Shake down

  1. Kayla, this is your hike, it is not a sprint, remember to stop and smell the trail and listen to the woods. You are just starting to collect memories that will be with you forever. hoba

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