Days 1 through 3 (total miles hiked=17.4) 

Day 1 approach trail

I started out today with the intentions to drive up to springer with Heidi that simply didn’t work out! I’m currently at black gap shelter and haven’t hiked on the AT as of yet tomorrow morning I will summit springer mountian and start the actuall AT! I just came back from water where I fell twice going down the hill. I’m fighting depression and trying to make sure that it doesn’t win. It’s probably going to be a cold night but I’m ready for it I hope! I can’t wait to get to springer tomorrow my site are set on neels gap if it doesn’t get fun by then I guess I’ll probably go home with my tail between my legs and full of shame!
Day 2
It took me a few hours but I summited springer this morning. I don’t intend on going home I think it was first day gitters. I hike with two lovely ladies named Kelley and Michelle they were a huge help to get me to Hawk Mountain. I did 10.3 miles today which is way more than I wanted to. Tomorrow I plan to take it real easy and stop at the first site with water I find which should be about 5 miles up trail. I have a few blisters on my toes and will likely be loosing my left second toe toe nail much like I did in Spain. I’m trying to keep myself going and when I get to camp at night I feel so good and waking up in the morning I don’t feel nearly as sore as I thought I would. I’m not sleeping well, having to get up every 30 to 60 minutes to pee (I’m well hydrated) but I can’t seem to stomach anything I have had 2 protein bars since starting the approach trail. I feel awful but I know after tonight I have a 2 mile rolling up and down and then two big climbs before my day is finished. 
Day 3
I hiked into a gap today just in time to see the hiker hostel shuttle coming by to take people to Springer. They stopped and asked if I was ok I said I was but hadn’t eaten in days they said they would be back through in 20 minutes if I wanted a ride. I jumped at the opportunity to shower and sleep in a bed. I have showered and inventoried my body and I’m in pretty rough shape I have several bruises that go along with my blisters and several scrapes I wasn’t aware of I also have a lot of chaffing I wasn’t aware of. I’m hoping to eat something today if not I’ll stay the night again until I can eat. I’m going to do laundry as soon as a machine opens up then charge my stuff up, hopefully eat then sleep and hike out tomorrow! 
Wish me luck, 

10 thoughts on “Days 1 through 3 (total miles hiked=17.4) 

  1. Kayla, your courageous,determined,strong,and true. You can do this, we’re all cheering you on. You have a support system the size of Minnesota 😉 go get that trail girl!!

  2. I love your trail name so much! You have way more gutz than I do 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get into a groove once your body acclimates to its new job and the altitude of the mountains. I’m glad you’re slowing down a little so you can adjust and refuel. Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I’m cheering for you!

  3. East a small amount every hour or two on the trail. You’ll get your appetite! Hang in there, and don’t worry about the mileage the first couple of weeks. It goes up.

  4. I also like your trail name if it is GUTZ. I’m reading this and smiling, thanks for the memories. I too didn’t eat or couldn’t eat when I started, I too had blisters and cried. If there had been a bus out, that second night, I would have been on it. Keep going baby steps. We are cheering you on from the icy Northeast.

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