St. Paul to Chicago

Last night I was worried about the bus to the point of tears but thanks to the support of Allie, Trevor, Holly and Shiyanke who Holly was brilliant to think to ask, this update is coming to you from a bus somewhere in Wisconsin! Saying goodbye was hard, I’m going to miss so many people so much, I left my heart in St. Paul with Holly and Trevor so they can take care of it until I’ve hiked for a bit and can handle it again.  I’m 5 hours into the trip and will arrive in Atlanta in about 25 hours. I’m nervous for my layover in Chicago but clear headed Kayla (currently writing) knows that if I can survive in Spain, not knowing Spanish, for 4 days by myself I can handle Chicago for a few hours! We’ll see who wins the battle clear headed confident Kayla or scared small town crying Kayla! I think ultimately that’s what this hike will probably accomplish, confident Kayla will have a little room to grow! I don’t know how often I will get blog while out on the trail but I hope to do so often, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my experience. 


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