22 days and counting

I can’t believe that I leave in 22 days, this number doesn’t sound nearly as scary as only 14 days at work left. I’m not ready to leave my job just yet, I have to much to finish before it’s time for me to leave.  I know that they did it before me and they will do it long after I’m gone but I feel like I got a good thing going and now I’m just walking away and hoping the next person can keep it going and appreciate how hard I worked to get things organized.  I am feeling more scared than anything else lately, the excitement and prepared feeling had been replaced with being nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and unprepared.  I know that once the day to leave arrives it will be hard to get on that bus but once I’m on the trail for a few days I will feel differently.  On Wednesday I have my couching session with Zach Davis (Good Badger) I’m so excited and really nervous for that as well.  I’ve been trying to compile lists of questions for him but so far everything I come up with sounds stupid and I don’t want to sound stupid.  You would think that after 463 days I would be feeling more anxious to leave and prepared but thats unfortunately not the case.


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