Day 458 and 459 Retraction

I previously reported that my leave of absence was approved, because it was, however today after a lot of meetings people way above my pay grade had they have decided that they can’t approve my leave, for very good reason but we won’t get into that here.  I’m ok with not getting my leave for a couple of reasons 1) now I don’t have to rush home or come home if I’m running behind and 2) I won’t have to worry about my site as much and 3) When I come back I can possibly get a different job with my company… 3 is basically to make myself feel better about not getting a job I love back.  In other news I weighed my pack and it is currently 32.4 pounds that is with over 7 days worth of food, all of my clothing (I’ll be wearing most of them instead) but no water because loading up with water was just to cumbersome with going out to weigh my pack.  I’m so happy to be at the current weight because it was what I wanted to be at but I compromise on weight quite a bit.  Work has been crazy lately working 13 hours a day plus taking phone calls on top of that after hours.  Right now I’m off to bed because my day starts at 4:30a tomorrow!

As always to donate to my hike and get your own hand knitted goods go to:

You can always contact me to discuss a project and talk about pricing for something specific.


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