Day 374 (11.19.14) Weigh in Wednesday

  1. Get moving: I burned no calories exercising
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,469 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,473

So, I weighed in and it was bad, I gained 5 pounds this week.  It still blows me away how easy it is go gain weight and how hard it is to lose it! I will not be discouraged, it took me all day and a lot of self hatred to come to that conclusion but I have decided I will not be discouraged, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!  My sister told me how to fix my problem months ago and I just haven’t listened, I keep making excuses for why I get to over eat or why I don’t have to work out.  From the beginning I’ve told everyone who has said oh today is a holiday or something that it didn’t matter because I’m an all or nothing kind of person.  What that means is that my life is a slippery slope always, it just takes one time for me to stop doing something good for me.  I can’t pin point it exactly although I could probably go back and find it in my blogs but somewhere along the way I stopped caring as much and I let that leak into the rest of my days.  Today is a new slate kind of day, today I start over and everything that came before today doesn’t matter, because if it does that I will never get my footing on this slope back! My little brother has been kicking butt at the gym so I reached out to him and we have started a competition, the wager $5.00, the system amount of minutes worked out in the next week.  The plan is to tell each other how much we work out each day and by next week however puts in the most minutes get $5.00, this competition will evolve as time goes by but we both needed a little extra boost recently.  I have also debated about giving up weigh in Wednesday because weight loss is only a side effect of the goal, but I also like to see progress on the scale so I’ve decided to keep doing it, plus I’m a creature of habit so it would be weird not to.  I’ve been knitting like crazy lately, now that the snow and cold are here everyone wants my knitted goods.  Right now I’m working about a 2 weeks out so if you interested in getting something in the next three weeks or so please let me know asap.





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Day 373 (11.18.14) Sweatshirt!


  1. Get moving: I burned 1,469 calories.  I walked 1.20 miles around a track, lifted some weights, went 1 mile on the elliptical, and walked 2.70 miles on the treadmill.
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 2,320 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,473


My wife made me breakfast in bed, whole wheat waffles and syrup, so yummy, spending time with my wife on Tuesday is always the highlight of my week.  I didn’t hike today it was -15 with windchill and that’s just too cold for me! After school and work Holly and I went to the store to pick up a few groceries and she bought me a new sweatshirt, its orange and I love it, its soft and warm.  My current jacket is about 3 sizes to big and there for cold because air just drafts right up into it so having a few sweatshirt layers is a huge help for warmth, however not so comfortable until now.  My layers go like this, long sleeve shirt, new sweatshirt (because it actually fits), an old sweatshirt, and then my jacket.  Before the two sweatshirts didn’t fit well together because they were both way to big, and now all three are zip/button off, way less cumbersome.  Wow that was probably way more detail about my layers than needed to be explained but there you have it! :)

Day 372 (11.17.14) Soup


  1. Get moving: I burned 2,658 calories.  I walked 2.10 miles on the treadmill, and went 5.20 miles on the elliptical.
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,774 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,458.


I got up early enough today to knit a little, go to the gym, and knitted a little more before going to work at 8A.M. Overall I had a very productive day.  I sold 2 sets of boot toppers got several other projects lined up to do for people which means more money for the A.T.  I got off work and picked up Holly from school and finished 2 projects and started one more.  I need to go get yarn for a couple of my new projects (I know I already have a ton, but people want specific things).  I also made soup with my wife for supper, it is delicious! Now I’m headed to take a bath before bed!



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Day 370 & 371 Weekend Fun with the Boy

Woke up Saturday and Trevor and I went out to lunch at the Bulldog in St. Paul then we went to the Science Museum!  Girls and Science was doing a big event at the Science Museum which was cool but made the whole place pretty busy with kids.  After we joined up with Allie and went to the casino, I haven’t been there in a long time and it was fun and also terrifying at the same time, the roads were pretty crazy.  Sunday was a lazy day we watched the Vikings game to waste so time before the Packers kicked ass!! Allie and I made super it turned out great, ground chicken, pesto tortellini, and Asparagus.  We had a great time this weekend just hanging out and catching up.  I have a hankering to go cross country skiing so I’m going to start looking for a place to rent skis to go!

Day 369 (11.14.14) B-I-N-G-O

  1. Get moving: I burned 2,094 calories.  I walked .50 miles outside, 1.40 miles on the treadmill, and went 3.80 miles on the elliptical!
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,625 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,458.

I went to work today, clocked out for a few hours to cut overtime, I got several orders for knitted goods so more money for the A.T. soon to come!! Then I went back to work for a few hours before heading to Trevor’s for the weekend.  We went to bingo with Allie and Brittanie, it was fun but none of us won anything.  After bingo we went to Trevor and Allie’s and played Monopoly for 4 hours and had a few drinks before hitting the hay!


As always to donate to my hike and get your own hand knitted goods go to:

You can always contact me to discuss a project and talk about pricing for something specific.

Day 368 (11.13.14) Training

  1. Get moving: I burned 569 calories.  I walked 1.4 miles on the treadmill
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,895 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,448.

Today was a long day for me with a 3 hour training before my shift.  I didn’t get much of a workout in today but did manage to walk 1.4 miles on the treadmill before my training.  I’m looking forward to this weekend, I’m headed to the cities to see Trevor and relax after a long week of work.  Tomorrow is nothing but overtime for me, then I’m off to play bingo! Katey texted me tonight and she is back in, her dad has offered to help her with the financial part of the A.T. so she is coming again, we plan of hitting the trail on March 10th!

Day 366 and 367 A Year in the Making

I decided to combine these two days because it has taken me a year to get here and I want to create on post filled with all of the things I’ve accomplished this year.  Let start with simply being a healthier me, I’ve never trusted felt so good in my body! I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go.  Over the last few days I have been doing great with working out and eating better averaging over 2,500 calories burned each day and consuming less than 2,000 calories.  I accomplished one of my big goals which was to go 2,000 miles in a year and officially as of today my body has taken me 2,011.2 miles, that is something to be proud of if I do say so myself!! I weighed in today at 298 which is a loss of 2.8 pounds from last week, still not where I want to be but headed in the right direction.  I can’t believe how fast a year has gone, I will be leaving for the A.T. in just 3 months and 25 days.  I can’t believe how much as changed in the last year, I got a kitten, a promotion, a better car, a new roommate moving in soon, and have saved nearly 1,500 dollars, through donations, saving, and knitting.  I thought I would have more to say but it turns out I don’t.  Overall feeling good and looking forward to the next year!!!




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