Day 263 (07.31.14) Big Old Goose Egg

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 0000 calories.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,337 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: Took a needed Zero

Today I took a zero, I wasn’t feeling well most of the day and decided to just listen to my body, I slept in until 7A.M. and then lounged around my house before going to work.  I was super productive at work finishing all the end of the month stuff and getting ready to go on vacation for a few days next week.  I’m excited to get away with my wife for a bit but it’s always hard for me to let go of work and just relax.  Once we’re on the road I think I will feel better about it because I can’t just go to work and do something I’ve forgotten.  I love camping mostly because usually our phones don’t get service and so it’s time to unplug and just be together.  I plan on doing a lot of hiking and just seeing different historical places.  My wife is really into history especially in small towns.  Kira will be at our house cat sitting so thats nice give me piece of mind knowing things at home are safe.  Tonight I made some of the food that we will be taking and packed my bag, tomorrow is going to be a long day of waiting.  We didn’t do much on the lines of healthy foods for camping because we just want to relax, I will continue to count calories and try to stay in a reasonable range.  Tomorrow I’m going to get up work out, go to work, pack the car and wait for my wife to get home! Just two more sleeps until we hit the road!

Day 262 (07.30.14) Weigh in Will Power

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,783 calories.  I walked 3.8 miles on the treadmill and did some strength training.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,487 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: To busy feeling the rhythm of the treadmill

Today was a good day, I got up early and went and weighed in the results are better than last week and defiantly headed in the right direction, It always helps my will power to resist on weigh in days.  I have lost 1.3 pounds since last week, I feel pretty good about it.  I spent a lot of time at the gym today, work has been overwhelming lately and the treadmill helps, it doesn’t make my latest goal of finding new workouts easier though.  There something about the way the treadmill sounds and that I can adjust it over and over again that calms me down lately.  A lot of people talk about the way exercise makes them feel better for me it’s not the exercise but the rhythm of it that makes my stress go away.  I know that the physical part has a lot to do it but the first thing that calms me is the sound, then getting into step so that I take exactly 5 steps in each belt rotation, then counting those steps without looking and seeing if I can keep the rhythm going. Even now as I write about it it makes me sleepy.

IMG_5944IMG_5954 IMG_5948

Day 261 (07.29.14) Back to the Hiking Again!

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 2,025 calories.  I walked 3.36 miles, biked .6 miles, and hiked 2.12 miles with my pack!
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,496 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: Not new but it has been a long time since I hiked with my pack!

Today was a great day, I got up super early and walked to the gym before work, I didn’t do any lifting today due to heavy traffic in the gym, it’s a very small gym and there were 4 of us and there are only so many weights and machines to use.  I managed to go walk 3.36 miles and biked only a half a mile.  I had a very productive day at work, I managed to grocery shop for the next 2 weeks in 33 minutes.  Yes I time my shopping trips for work, I take pride in my ability to make my shopping list follow the layout of the store! After work I went home and spent sometime with my lovely wife and later went hiking with my pack for the first time in a long time, it was a great way to end my day!  I’m excited to weigh in tomorrow, mostly to see what the change is, this is the first time in a long time that I don’t have a good idea of where I’ll be from constant weigh ins throughout the week.

Day 260 (07.28.14) A Case of the Mondays

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,418 calories.  I walked 2.5 miles, ran 1 mile, biked 2.20 miles, and did some strength training.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,830 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: Strength training.

I got up at 5:00A.M. and got ready for the day, I had a bigger breakfast then I normally do.  Today was a super stressful day, Holly and I are going on vacation in a week so I have a lot to get ready for at work, I have someone new moving in, one going on leave for a week that need to get ready, and it’s the end of the month, it’s going to be a long week, but I’m ready for it, my wife believes in me hopefully she’s right! I made it a point to get some good gym time in this morning, knowing that  it was going to be a long day.  I walked 1.2 miles then lifted some weights.  I ended my day by putting away the laundry that has been accumulating in our bedroom for the last 2 months, its nice to have accomplished something today! I love that feeling of knowing something is done.  When work is overwhelming cleaning always helps.  Tomorrow I have plans to hike with a good friend!

Day 259 (07.27.14) Lake Calhoun? Nope Ridgedale Mall

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 780 calories.  I walked 3.5 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 2,017 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: I didn’t get much working out in today.

So we were headed to Lake Calhoun again today but it was cold and raining so we went to the Ridgedale Mall, probably known to you from Juno, we mostly walked around Trevor did some shopping but mostly we walked.  It was fun getting out and about with Trevor over the weekend.  After Ridgedale we went to dinner and then back to Trevor’s to play Heads Up, if you’ve never played it you really should try it out! I love it!! I made the journey back home after to my beautiful wife, as much as I love being with Trevor I love my wife and bed so much more.

Day 258 (07.26.14) MOA

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 785 calories.  I did some Pilates this morning, then walked about 5 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,840 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: Pilates again.

Trevor made the best brunch ever today, two toaster waffles, this spread, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, so yummy.  After brunch Trevor and I headed to Lake Calhoun today but ended up taking a minor detour to the Mall of America instead.  We walked around and ate dinner before going to the movies,  the theatre we went to had had reclining seats, this is the only way to watch movies in my opinion.  We saw Lucy, it wasn’t what I expected it was far more violent then I would normally watch.  I love hanging out with Trevor it’s just easy.  We ended up talking about people who influenced us in high school,  I wouldn’t be me or here if not for some of my high school teachers, Mr. Tabatt, Ms. J, Mr. Goodrich, Coach Grosso, Mr. Bellig, Mr.Mushel and Mr. Stockark.  Coach Grosso was a middle school teacher, but I’m pretty sure she was the first gym teacher I ever had that believed in my physically.  She was always encouraging me even when other gym teachers were putting me down she was always there to make sure I was ok and encouraging me to show them what I could do.

Day 257 (07.25.14) Hiking with Katey

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,969 calories.  I ran 0.50 mile, walked 1 mile, did Aerobics for 15 minutes, and hiked just under 5 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,682 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000)$300
  4. New workout: Sweating to the Oldies, not new but it’s been awhile

I did a little sweating to the oldies this morning then ran .50 miles before going to work.  After work I made my way to the cities and Katey and I hiked the Luce Line trail, it was so great to hike with Katey again, its always easier with someone else to talk to! We hiked just under 5 miles.  I then went to Trevor’s place where I will spend the weekend.  We watched Smallville, Trevor’s favorite show of all time, we plan on walking around Lake Calhoun.

IMG_5910 IMG_5911 IMG_5912 IMG_5914 IMG_5915 IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5918 IMG_5919 IMG_5921 IMG_5922 IMG_5924 IMG_5925