Day 158 (04.17.14) Need to eat less!!

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,969 calories.  I walked 4.70 miles and shoveled.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,751 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

Ok so this is weird to write about and only because society says I should be enbarrassed about it (and my dad reads this).  Lets call it a “condition*”, so no one has to get weirded out here, doctors refer to it as my mentraul cycle. Well it started on Tuesday, thats why I had a small weight gain.  I weighed myself on Monday and weighed 309 and again today I weighed 310, the first day of my period I always have a really high weight, it so happens that the first day of my period has fallen on a Wednesday for the last few months. Thats why I’m not worried about my last weigh in.  This “condition” (being female, LOL) also causes me to want to eat everything in sight, I have been trying to avoid it but sometimes a body just wants what it wants.  I’m looking forward to sometime with my family tomorrow and Holly’s family this weekend.  My sister makes a wicked good pizza so I have already added it to myfitnesspal so I make sure I have the calories to enjoy it.  I hate feeling guilty about over eating but I’m trying really hard and when I over eat I feel like a failure! I’m so close to half way I can taste it and I need to stop tasting food every 5 minutes to get there.  Tomorrow I will be focused and I will NOT go over 1,500 calories!


*Please note that I am being sarcasitic when refering to my period as a condition, Having a period is a natural thing that happens to my body, I will not be ashamed of it!!

Day 157 (04.16.14) Every day I’m shovelin’

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 2,794 calories.  I shoveled and then shoveled some more.  I went 2 miles on the elliptical, walked 2.18 miles, and hiked 1.6 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 2,199 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

I thought winter and second winter were over unfortunately I was wrong third winter reared her ugly head today and dumped over 10 inches of snow on me today.  I got my workout in simply shoveling today. It’s a long couple of days of work for me, I’m headed to work shortly actually, I worked my regular shift and I’m headed into an overnight.  Today was weigh in day I weighed in at 312.2 pounds, this is a slight gain but I think its mostly water weight.  Which I never used to believe in but looking at recent trends I think it’s true.  I expect it will be better next week.  Well off to work I go.

Day 156 (04.15.14) Almost Zero

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,456 calories.  I walked 2.6 miles and hiked about a mile with my pack.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,592 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

I was going to take a zero today, I woke up this morning not feeling well at all so I decided to cancel a morning hike with Katey, which breaks my heart because I haven’t seen her in days.  Katey has been sick with Bronchitis for over a week so hiking hasn’t been on her agenda!  After some ibuprofen and  kitten cuddles I was feeling better so I walked on the treadmill for a bit and then went to work.  I work a lot in the next few days including a 24 hour shift from Thursday to Friday.  I’m not looking forward to these shifts but I will survive.  I’m looking forward to going to my sister-in-laws for the weekend and hopefully talk my wife into a long hike on Sunday afternoon! I’m sure I’ll connivence her cause she loves me!!  Tomorrows weigh in day I don’t think it will be great but I’ll live another week! :)

Day 155 (04.14.14) Library

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 3,156 calories.  I went 7.2 miles on the elliptical and walked 6.7 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 2,193 calories.  Peanut butter… all the peanut butter
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

I would have been ok today but I had a huge craving for peanut butter at the end of the night, I ate A LOT of peanut butter.  Heres the kicker, I HATE peanut butter!!!  I am wondering if its the protein I’m craving or something.  Today I went to the public library and checked out a few books to plan some summer camping and hiking.  I want to get the most for my time and money this summer! I am looking forward to some great hiking this summer.  I need some adventure to prepare for the adventure of my life.  This Friday I’m planning on giving away some of my pants, this is exciting and scary at the same time, I don’t want have to buy new clothes but I must I’m drowning and so I pan to buy a few pairs of pants with my next check but I can buy them at a thrift store which awesome!

Day 154 (04.13.14) Feeling the love

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,712 calories.  I walked 5.8 miles today including 1.10 on the treadmill.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,597 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

I have one of the most amazing sisters in the world, ok so I have three amazing sisters but this is about one of them.  She has been supportive of me from from day one and today she said something to me that I find quite funny, she said that she wants to see what I’ll look like! This is only funny to me because I never thought of it that way before.  What will I look like? What will the finished “product” if you will, look like? Anyway back to my sister, she always has words of encouragement and crazy good timing.  She contacts me usually about what I’m writing but sometimes I feel like it’s out of left field and it’s always when I need some help, even if I don’t know it yet.  I’ve been really frustrated with my lack of weight loss lately and she suggested that I change something, even something small.  My new plan is to continue to work off more calories than I eat but not to such a large degree.  Lately I’ve been burning upwards of 4,000 calories a day and some days staying at 1,500 and sometimes eating over 2,000 calories.  My new plan is to be more diligent about eating only 1,500 calories and to go back to burning less calories a day.  I’m afraid that I’ve been putting my body into starvation mode instead of loosing weight my body is fighting to maintain it.  I plan on trying this for a week and seeing what happens this is what worked for the first 50 pounds and then I upped my game on the workouts.  I plan on continuing to walk with my pack as often as I can but I want to dial it my workouts more.

My sister also suggested that I look at old pictures as I don’t see the change in the mirror but I feel it in how big my clothes feel.  I decided to create a side by side of me from the days that I have felt the most attractive in the past and now.

Day 140

Day 153 (04.12.14) Work

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 1,901 calories.  I walked 2.3 miles and hiked 2.3 miles with my pack.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,600 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

Today I worked an entire shift of overtime, I can’t complain about the money but I’m over work this week.  Holly and I hiked the new trail today.  I went with my pack this time to see if I can handle the steep climbs.  I have been craving carbs lately so right now I’m just trying not to over eat them.  Tonight I made chicken fried rice, chicken egg rolls, and potstickers for me and my wife.  It was a very yummy, I managed to not over eat so I will have left overs to enjoy again tomorrow.  I’ve been getting bored lately while walking so this new trail has helped a lot with that, I just hope it doesn’t get old to soon.

Day 152 (04.11.14) New hiking trails!

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 3,843 calories.  I went 6 miles on the elliptical, I walked 1.3 miles and hiked 3.6 miles!
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,422 calories.
  3. Saving money ($5,000):$200

Today I found an amazing new hiking trail, It has 2 very steep up and downs, it has many side trail which makes it more interesting and fun finding out whats around the next bend! Also there isn’t a map so you follow signs so you never know how far your going to go! I’m super excited! It was a great day to work out!

IMG_3012 IMG_3015 IMG_3016 IMG_3018 IMG_3020 IMG_3022 IMG_3025 IMG_3027 IMG_3035 IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3043 IMG_3045 IMG_3047 IMG_3052 IMG_3053