Day 394 (12.09.14) Its Been A While

  1. Get moving: I burned 3,570 calories.  I went 6.2 miles on the elliptical, walked 1 mile on the treadmill, and 1.80 miles outside.
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,515 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,211

It has been a week since my last blog, I have been dealing with a family emergency, this will be on going so I plan to blog when I can.

Today I got up early and read a book and crochet a bit I went to the gym for a while and then to work.  Work was particularly stressful today so it was nice to have gone to the gym before hand and work out some of the tension in my body that has been building.  I think I’m finally hitting the sleep wall at this point so it will be off to bed for me.  My resolve to thru hike the A.T. in the spring is stronger than ever, March 10th here we come!

386 (12.01.14) When did December Sneak up on us

  1. Get moving: I burned 2,650 calories. walked 2.30 miles on a track, 2.20 miles on the treadmill, and 3.70 miles on the elliptical.
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,505 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,211

Today we began cleaning out our spare bedroom so our new roommate can move in on February 1st.  I didn’t realize what a hoarder I am and after going through everything we only through away a few things, we will go through it again soon and maybe get rid of more of it, February is coming soon.  Kira came over and bought some of the stuff we plan on putting online for sale soon to get rid of and also to make a few dollars.  I can’t believe it’s December already where did the year go, I can’t believe how quickly March is coming, while I find that exciting I also find it terrifying!

Day 385 (11.30.14) Cross Country Skiing

  1. Get moving: I burned 720 calories.  I skied 1.93 miles today
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,550 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,211 (down because I spent money on gear, nothing donated only money I have saved)

I left my house extra early to meet Betsy so I could go to REI before hand.  I finally purchased my pack an Osprey Ariel 65 women’s medium.  I’m super excited about this pack I’ve been going back and forth about packs for about a year now trying on different ones and even buying a pack that I hated two days later.  I have walked around REI a few different times with weight in different packs and have always found the Ariel to be the most comfortable.  I also finally settled on a cook pot, I purchased a GSI Outdoors, Halulite Minimalist.  I like it and plan on getting fuel soon so I can try it out.  I plan on updating my gear list with more detail as soon as I am done with this post.  Please note that any donations made on my Gofundme page are being used directly for my hike not on gear!!  After spending a ton of money at REI I headed to Trevor and Allie’s apartment to kill sometime before meeting up with Betsy.  She ended up picking me up at Trevor’s which was awesome.  We went the Hyland Park in Bloomington to ski. As soon as we get there I felt like I was out of my depths.  Everyone there was in ski clothes and very professional looking equipment, there were even ski teams out practicing.   Betsy and I got out skis and we headed out, I cross country ski because I hate going down hills, turns out the trail that we ended up on was full of hills so I spent a lot of time taking me skis on and off to walk down the hills, make fun of me all you want but I’ve broken enough bones to be extra cautious doing these sort of things.  Betsy and I ended up going just under 2 miles before making it back to the visitor’s center and heading home.  I got home and spent some time with my wife and ate a wonderful salad of spinach (I normally hate spinach), mandarin oranges and poppyseed dressing.  I’m super excited about this new salad and the door it has opened to me, I’m a creature of habit I eat the same thing over and over again for weeks to months at a time but now my salads might start to get a little flair, I’ve never had poppyseed dressing before and it is so good and makes me want to try more foods.

Day 384 (11.29.14) Day Off

  1. Get moving: I burned 1,998 calories.  I walked 1.30 miles on the treadmill, went 3.40 miles on the elliptical and biked 6 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,683 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,633

Today I had the day off and I didn’t have any plans,  I slept in and knitted most of the day away.  Thanks to a steps competition with my aunt I was motivated to get to the gym, something I don’t do well with on the weekends.  After the gym I went grocery shopping and picked up some healthy foods.  I am going to try a salad my aunt Jolene made for Thanksgiving with spinach, mandarin oranges and poppyseed dressing; it was so yummy when she made it and I need some more variety in my salad choices.  Right now I eat the same salad all the time, lettuce, olives, ham, and occasionally ranch dressing.  Holly worked until 9 PM today so I put it out that I wanted to go skiing today, Katey said she might go but never got back to me my friend Betsy said she was game but can’t go until Sunday so tomorrow we will be going skiing in Bloomington! I’m excited it’s been over ten years since the last time I skied.

Day 383 (11.28.14) 14 hour shift

  1. Get moving: I burned 1,953 calories.  I walked 2.20 miles on the treadmill and went 3 miles on the elliptical
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 2,130 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,633

I got up extra early this morning and went to Crafts Direct not because it’s black Friday but because it w as open and I needed some yarn for a project.  After that I went to the gym and worked out before heading to work from 8A-10P.  I made sure I walked around at work to keep my heart pumping even with having to work.  While I had great self control yesterday on a holiday I can’t say the same for today the left overs got me good today.

Day 382 (11.27.14) Turkey Day

  1. Get moving: I didn’t work out today, I spent time with family instead
  2. Cutting Calories(Goal 1,720): I consumed 1,907 calories.
  3. Saving money/Donations ($5,000)$1,633

Holly and I traveled to her parents house late last night so we could be sure to be on time to Thanksgiving.  We got up with morning and made Reese’s cupcakes for Holly’s family Thanksgiving, I love this holiday, I hate its historical context but I love the time with family without presents or anything else, just family under one roof.  After cupcakes we headed to my parents house and from there we went to my grandma’s house.  I sold some more knitted goods including a really cute poncho for my cousin! I paced myself with the eating so I didn’t go over to much and I also got to eat pumpkin pie! After My family dinner we went to Holly’s parents for supper.  We enjoyed another amazing meal and afterwards we made spritz cookies for Christmas. I didn’t work out at all today but it was worth it to see my family.